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June 21, 2022

What Are Quick Move-in Homes?

While buying a brand-new home may sound exciting, it’s not often the best option for new home buyers if you need to move quickly. A new construction home can take a decent amount of time to complete, from initial planning to the final inspections. If you’re interested in purchasing a new home and want to move in soon, you should consider a quick move-in home. The top home builders in Alabama at Hyde Homes explain what a quick move-in home is, the benefits of a quick move-in home to you and how they differ from a brand new construction home. 

What is a Quick Move-in Home?

A quick move-in home is a newly built home that’s either already complete or reaching completion and is put up for sale. These homes are often made when a home builder constructs houses as models for people to visit. Many home builders also build various homes without having a buyer in place if they believe the homes will sell quickly. Quick move-in homes are also called move-in ready homes or quick delivery homes. 

Benefits of a Quick Move-in Home

Family Walking Through Front Door A New Home in Alabama with Moving Boxes

Great Features

When you purchase a quick move-in home that’s already built, it comes with great features that you might otherwise need to pay additionally for. Hyde Homes’ quick move-in homes come with spacious floor plans, high countertops, walk-in closets and more, depending on what’s available!

Shorter Wait

One of the most attractive parts of quick move-in homes is the lack of wait between signing a contract and moving in. Depending on the state of construction—whether already complete or not—you still may be able to add customizations before moving in. 

See the Home Before You Purchase 

Many home buyers have doubts about purchasing a house that isn’t constructed yet. Home buyers who want to see a home before signing a contract don’t have to worry about that with quick move-in homes. As a potential buyer, you can walk through a quick move-in home and erase all your doubts before purchasing.


Many quick move-in homes are built without buyer customization, so they’re offered cheaper than their un-built counterparts. Check out some quick move-in homes if you’re interested in a new home that doesn’t break the bank. Hyde Homes, professional home builders in Alabama, have plenty of affordable quick move-in homes available now. 

How are Quick Move-in Homes Different from Newly Built Homes?

Miniature House Next To Keys on a Table

Location Pre-Determined

One of the key differences between a quick move-in and a newly built home is that a quick move-in home is already constructed in a lot. As the home buyer, you don’t get to explore different lots and choose your preferred location.


When you purchase a quick move-in home that’s already fully complete, you can’t customize features like ceilings, trimming or countertops. On the other hand, new construction homes do allow the opportunity to add customization.

Shorter Wait Times

New construction homes can take a lot to complete, whereas newly built homes can be as short as a few weeks if the house is complete. If you want to move into a new home as soon as possible, a quick delivery home could be a great option. 

Hyde Homes Offers a Great Selection of Quick Move-in Homes in Alabama 

As a professional home builder who knows how stressful buying a home can be, Hyde Homes makes the process as easy as possible. With a wide selection of affordable, quick move-in homes, you can find your dream home today. Contact us to schedule a visit to one of our homes today.

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