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Tray Ceiling With Wood Beams in Bedroom from Hyde Homes
October 19, 2022

The Ultimate Guide to Tray Ceilings

While many new homeowners focus on square footage, number of rooms and lot size of a home, it’s equally important to pay attention to the ceiling type within a home. The ceiling style of a home can impact its overall aesthetics. In this article, the top home builders in Alabama at Hyde Homes tackle what a tray ceiling is and how you can take advantage of this unique type of ceiling. 

What is a Tray Ceiling? 

A tray ceiling is a type of ceiling with a raised section in the middle, making it look like an inverted tray. Not all tray ceilings are made the same—the height difference between the two levels will vary based on the home builder. Plus, tray ceilings can be decorated in various ways to offer different styles to the home, such as a rustic, classic or modern look.

Hyde Homes, professional home builders in Alabama, build homes with tray ceilings, as shown in one of the Traditional style homes from Hyde Homes, that utilize trim inside the elevated section for a modern look.

Tray Ceiling in a Living Room Hyde Home

Why is it Called a Tray Ceiling?

The name “tray ceiling” comes from the fact that it has a flat top and recessed sides like an upside-down tray.

What Is the Purpose of a Tray Ceiling?

Today, tray ceilings are often added to homes to create architectural interest and variance within the home. For example, homes may have tray ceilings in only a couple of rooms to add diversity to the overall interior feel of the house. Similarly, these ceilings also help add a feeling of extra space to a room. Adding a tray ceiling to the main living room or primary bedroom can make it feel like the room is more spacious. 

Tray ceilings can also be more practical, depending on the construction and fitting of the home. Home builders create tray ceilings to hide functional elements of a home, such as plumbing or wiring. In homes that don’t have central heating or cooling, tray ceilings are often used to hide a bulk header.

Tray Ceiling in a Living Room In a New Hyde Home in Alabama

What Are the Benefits of a Tray Ceiling?

Aside from aesthetics, tray ceilings can also have practical benefits. For one, they can help direct light and airflow in a room. Tray ceilings often have recessed lighting and can accommodate ceiling fans, allowing better light and air distribution. Additionally, tray ceilings can enhance the acoustics in a room by redirecting sound waves away from flat surfaces like walls. This can be especially helpful in rooms with hardwood or tile floors, where sound can bounce and echo. 

Tray Ceiling Decorating Ideas

How a tray ceiling is designed can make or break the overall look of a room. The ceilings can be fitted with wallpaper, stencils, large chandeliers or exposed wood to offer different styles. The best way to design a tray ceiling is to choose the design based on the location of the ceiling.

If you have a tray ceiling in a dining room, consider adding a chandelier or an elegant light fixture to create a classy look. Tray ceilings in living rooms do well, with hidden LED lights around the trim to create a more comfortable atmosphere. Wooden tray ceilings go well when matched with wooden floors in a bedroom, entryway or kitchen.

Hyde Homes Offers Many Floor Plans With Tray Ceilings Standard

Tray ceilings are a stylish and popular ceiling type for many homeowners. If you’re in the market for a new home that features tray ceilings, get in touch with Hyde Homes today. Our professional home builders can help you find the perfect home in many of our communities throughout Alabama that fits your needs and style. Contact us today to learn more about our homes and how we can help you find the perfect one for you.

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