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Grey Couches in a Living Area With TV Mounted on the Wall
September 21, 2022

Eight Ideas for Designing the Perfect Flex Room

Decorating your new home is an exciting moment for all new home buyers. It’s easy to create mental images and bring those ideas to life for rooms like your bathroom, living room and bedroom. But how do you approach designing a room that doesn’t have an intended use? Check out these flex room ideas for inspiration on what to do with those rooms you really don’t know what to do with. 

What is a Flex Room?

When you think about the spaces in your home, you think about them in terms of specific functions like your bathrooms and kitchen offer. When you have a room that doesn’t have a predetermined function, you have a flex room. This is a room that can be designed and decorated to give it a single use—like a home office—or to be a multipurpose room space. 


If you’re a family with children, consider setting up your flex room as a playroom for them! Designing a playroom for kids is an excellent idea for the whole family. The playroom can help keep the rest of your house free from kid’s toys and your children can have a place all for themselves. 

Kids Playroom Clubhouse

Workout Room

If you like to exercise and want to be able to do so from the comfort of your own home, creating a workout room is an excellent use of your flex room. Depending on your space, you can add a stationary bike, a treadmill, free weights, a bench, some yoga mats, machines or a squat rack. 


Any family with children will tell you that having a nursery is a great idea if you’re planning on having children. Plus, you can easily convert the nursery into a toddler’s bedroom when the time comes.

Home Office

With the trend of working from home, now is the perfect time to make your flex room into a home office. Set up a desk with an ergonomic chair, add a lamp and some light decoration and you’ll have the perfect home office. 

Home Office in New Home Flex Room

Multi-Use Space

Have you ever dreamt of having a cozy reading room, library or just an extra hangout area? Turn your flex room into all of the above by decorating it to suit your hobbies. You can add a couch, some chairs, a table, a TV, bookshelves and anything else you want.

Game/Movie Room 

A great use of a flex room for all family members is to make a game/movie room hybrid. Decorate the room with some comfortable seating, a TV, sound system and whatever kind of game console you like. 

Hobby Room

One popular option is to use the flex room as a hobby room. This is a great way to have a dedicated space for your hobbies, whether it's knitting, painting or woodworking. For example, you could install shelves to store materials and supplies or set up a workbench where you can spread out your projects.

Bar Room 

Consider creating a bar room if you like to host events with friends and families where beverages are involved. Add a few small high tables and chair sets, build a small bar and stock a mini fridge to get the most out of your bar room. 

A small basement bar /man cave with liquor on shelves and the bar is surrounded by wood bar stools. A basketball game is setup in the background.

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